The Winery of the past

The original details

  • The covered press dates back to 1775, according to its inauguration inscription.
  • The Palm Tree that presides over the estate is from approximately 1750. It is probably the tallest and oldest on the island.
  • The Statistics published by Escolar (1805) and Pascual Madoz (1845) offer data on the El Grifo Winery.
  • Moscatel vines from the mid-19th century. We maintain vines from 1881, the year in which Ana was born.
  • The early facilities are now the Wine Museum.



  • In 1910 we substituted the screw press for a vertical hydraulic one, that now rests in the museum.
  • From the 1930's on, vinification has been managed by professionals (15 oenologists over 70 years ).
  • We are pioneers on the Canary Islands in the systematic bottling of wine (1935) with machinery that we also exhibit in the Museum.
  • Starting in the 80's we revolutionised the methods and types of wine on the Canary Islands.
  • We introduced stainless steel to vinification on the Canary Islands, as well as chilling equipment and membrane presses.
  • We hold to the old methods for our Canari and Glas varieties.
  • We have completed the refurbishment of the 50 hectare family vineyard adding rows of dry stone walls over a surface equivalent to 100 linear kilometres.
  • Family Matters

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